Best Marijuana Strains of All Time

Best Marijuana Strains

Marijuana strains dictate its flavor, potency, and its effects on the user. Hundreds of marijuana strains give users the euphoria they want, whether that’s a nice, relaxing head rush or a burst of excitement. Available strains differ from city and state, although some are common all across the world. Check out any of the following strains for a dose of a popular favorite amongst smokers around the globe.

1- Blue Dream

One of the most well-known strains, Blue Dream is light and earthy with potent effects. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, mixed between Haze and Blurry. The strain is known for creating full body relaxation effects. Many novice smokers enjoy the effects of Blue dream quite well. However, newbies usually reach for the strain because they know the name and enjoy it like others.

2- Durban Poison

Straight from Africa, Durban Poison is a smelly strain that’s beloved for its creative and focus-enhancing powers. The pungent odor is still smooth on the lungs but provides a punch that puts its user in a state of bliss for a long time to come. Use Durban Poison in the nighttime and expect one of the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a very long time. The sativa strain causes its user to feel energetic and uplifted. Can you say hello to positively and happiness?

3- OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most popular strains of all time. You will see many strains labeled with the Kush title, but this is the crème de la crème, so they say. It was developed in California but now has roots across the country.  Users enjoy the mellow effects offered from OG Kush. It hits hard yet still leaves you in the game when it’s time to work, hang with the kids or complete other activities.

4- Fruity Pebbles

This colorful strain is a mix of Grandaddy Purple, Tahoe Alien and Green Ribbon. Inhale the strain for a fun fruity flavor that may remind you of a favorite breakfast cereal. It packs the all-day power its user needs just like its food-in-law. Fruity Pebbles makes you happy and has long-lasting effects. Expect to feel like a new you after a Fruity Pebbles sesh!

5- Charlie Sheen

Also known as Crack Kush, Charlie Sheen is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a well-balanced mixture of calming and energizing effects. The lemon-scented buds leave the same amazing taste in your mouth. It’s great for pain relief and insomnia and for groups of friends ready to enjoy the night. Expect to be taken to the next level when using Charlie Sheen strain.

6- Acapulco Golf

Its reputation alone should encourage weed online canada smokers to give Acapulco Gold a try. It’s certainly one of the best strains ever created by any smoker’s standards. You will love the effects and the taste, the ease of smoking and the many other benefits this strain offers. The sativa strain smells like burnt toffee when it is burnt and gently hits the lungs with power and amazing flavor. This is one of the great stimulating strains you’ll love.

7- G13

This indica strain is potent but may invoke a lot of conversations when the name is mentioned amongst a group of smoker friends. It also has many conspiracy theories connected to it. G13 is bred across the world and enjoyed by many marijuana consumers. The strain is unique in its flavor and its effects, despite its many theories.